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As far as I know…

I love my life
I love my family and care about them
I love nature
I always crave for white truffles, caviar and champagne
I enjoy creating something that is unique, useful and treasured
I love challenges and I have more ideas than I have time to execute them
I love papers, colors, smells and designs
I love the “old masters” and enjoy the new ones even more

I have been married since 1999 and my wonderful husband has been a constant encouragement to my creative pursuits. When I left the corporate world after our marriage and became a full-time housewife I soon found out that I wanted to do something where my creativity could come to light and where I could form something that would be meaningful to others and which would be unique in a true sense of the word. I was able to reconnect to my younger days when I was the one in the family that would create things – simple things, with a variety of materials, in different shapes, forms and sizes. I remembered the fun and feeling of delight I felt whenever one of my “designs” was completed and was admired by some – and I decided to try once again to make my early passion my hobby.

I have been fortunate to live in and visit a wide variety of countries due to my husband’s occupation and with our travels, I experienced the cultural beauty of different areas of the world – the amazing bottle market in Karachi and the neighboring Zeinab market where you can spend days to admire the craftsmanship of young Pakistanis; the smell of the different cuisines in Malaysia and the colors of the batik stores; the Arabic heritage in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Oman and the treasures of art you can find in Rome, Florence, Milan and almost everywhere else in Italy. Combined with the elegance of France, the beautiful nature of my adopted home-country Germany, the immense size of the United States with the changing landscapes and the vastness of Australia all have helped me and influenced me in my hobby.

I enjoy to be a host, I enjoy setting tables that are different and are themed, and I love to add small details to a casual lunch or an official dinner – little details that will be remembered when the meal has long been forgotten. So have a look around these pages and see for yourself what I create - simply ...



yoga - loving the life-giving energy of surya namaskar, pilates - "life is motion and pilates is movement for life"